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vs. Lefties vs. Righties Rotation Relief

1.        Hairston 2B 1. Lawton RF 1. Morris    1. Zimmerman (Closer)

2.        Guzman SS 2. Guzman SS        2. Vazquez 2. Karsay (Set-up)

3.        Little LF       3. Bautista CF 3. Ortiz    3. Wickman (vs. RHP)

4.        Sexson 1B    4. Sexson 1B     4. Eaton           4. Choate (vs. LHP)

5.        Konerko DH        5. Konerko DH 5. Millwood     5. Buddie (Long)

6.        Lawton RF 6. Richard LF

7.        Mora CF     7. Soriano 2B

8.        Beltre 3B     8. Batista 3B

9.        LaRue C           9. LaRue C



Defensive Subs: If the Os lead after 7 innings, replace Soriano with Hairston. Mora replaces Richard and plays centerfield. Bautista moves to RF and Lawton moves to left field.


Pinch Hitting: PH Hairston w/ Soriano anytime Hairston faces a righty. PH Soriano w/ Hairston anytime Soriano faces a lefty. PH Richard w/ Mora anytime Richard faces a lefty. Mora will go to centerfield, Bautista will move to rightfield, and Lawton will move to leftfield.


Pinch Running: Pinch Run Patterson for Konerko if the game is tied or the Os are down by 1 in the 8th inning or later. If Pattersons spot in the lineup comes up again PH him with Jay Gibbons and Gibbons will take over as the full time DH.


Stealing: Steal 2nd when 1-13 or better. Steal 3rd when 1-15 or better. Never steal 3rd with 2 outs. Only attempt to get lead with Hairston, Soriano, Batista, Mora, Patterson, Beltre, Lawton, Guzman, Little, and Richard. If the Os are down by 4 or more runs only steal base if 1-17 chance.


Bunting: Attempt sac bunt only with Hairston, Guzman, and Mora. Only bunt when game is tied or + or 1 run in the 6th inning or later. Only bunt with 0 outs and runners on first or first and second.


Stretch: Home: 0 or 1 out, 1-14 or better, 2 outs 1-11 or better.

Third: 1-15 or better.


Stretch on Flyball B?: Try to score when runner has rating of 1-14 or better; 1-12 with 2 outs. If tie game in 8th or later then try to score when rating is 1-9.


Hold Runners: Hold all runners who can get a 1-13 or better to steal second and 1-15 to third. Do not hold runners at third. Hold the throw if the runners chances are 1-19.


Intentional Walks: Use your best baseball judgement on this one.


Cut Off Throws: Cut off throws when odds are 1-15 or better. Always get the sure out unless the lead runner is the winning run with less than 2 out.


Infield Position: Bring infield in when go-ahead or tying run is at third with less than 2 outs in 7th inning or later. In a +-2 run game bring corners in if a runner is on, in the 7th inning or later with an A bunter at bat. If winning run is on third in the bottom of the ninth bring in outfield and infield.
















Starting Pitching Instructions:


1. Morris: Remove at POW or after 7 innings, unless pitching a shutout.

2. Vazquez: Remove at POW or after 8 innings, unless pitching a shutout.

3. Ortiz: Remove at POW, after 6 innings, or after allowing 5 runs.

4. Eaton: Remove at POW, after 5 innings, or after allowing 4 runs.

5. Millwood: Remove at POW, after 5 innings, or after allowing 4 runs.



Relief Pitching Instructions:


Remove all relievers at POW or based on instructions below.


Zimmerman: Zimmerman is the closer. He should be brought in for 9th inning save situations. He can also be brought in in the 8th to get 1 or 2 tough righties out in clutch situations. He dominates righties so make sure he is used frequently.


Karsay: Karsay is the setup man. He is pretty good both ways. He can enter in the 7th and/or 8th innings or earlier if needed. He is rated a 2, so dont be afraid to use him for 2 innings.


Wickman: Wickman can be used anytime from the 5th inning on. Hes good both ways as well but if there is a tough righty to get out, Wickman can do the job. Hell be called upon to close if Zimmerman is not available. He can also be considered a second setup man.


Choate: Choate is the main man when we need to mow down a tough lefty. He can be used from the 6th inning on. If Choate enters and 2 of the next 3 hitters are lefties, let him face a righty to get to the next lefty. Keep a close eye on this and if the right handed batter has an extreme advantage against lefties go ahead and take Choate out.


Buddie: Buddie is the mop-up man. Hes got a pretty good card so let him pitch when needed. Pitch him in innings 1-5 when the starter gets knocked out early. He can be used in place of Wickman and/or Karsay if one of those guys is not available. But only use him in that situation in an emergency.



Ideal Pitching Rotations:

1.        If Morris is relieved after 7 innings, go to Wickman and then Zimmerman for the save.

2.        If Vazquez is relieved after 8 innings, go to Zimmerman for the save.

3.        If Ortiz is relieved after 6 innings, go to Karsay for 2 innings, and then Zimmerman for the save.

4.        If Eaton is relieved after 5 innings, go to Wickman for 1 inning, Karsay for 2 innings, and Zimmerman for the save.

5.        If Millwood is relieved after 5 innings, go to Wickman for 1 inning, Karsay for 2 innings, and Zimmerman for the save.


          Wickman can go 2 innings and then Karsay 1 inning in certain situations if needed.



Philosophy: This could end up being a very good year for the Orioles. Decent hitting and good pitching could lead to an AL East title. This team has a lot of speed so try to swipe a base anytime you can get the chance. Please pay very close attention to the pitching instructions as they will be the key for the Birds this year. Also pay close attention to the platoon at second base and the defensive replacement instructions in the outfield. Also pay close attention to the PH instructions between Mora and Richard. As always have fun!!! And use your best baseball judgement!!!! PLAY BALL!!!!