New York Mets Transactions          
1.  Mets trade Armando Benitez and Royce Clayton to the Chicago Cubs for Mike Piazza.  
2.  Mets trade Tim Wakefield and David Dellucci to the Chicago White Sox for Victor Zambrano and
Julian Tavarez.    
3.  Mets trade Aubrey Huff and their #2 pick to the Houston Astros for Chipper Jones, Richard 
Hidalgo, and the Astros #8 pick.  
4.  Mets trade Ty Wigginton and their #8 pick to the New York Yankees for Tony Womack and the
Yankees #6 pick.  
5.  Mets trade Julian Tavarez to the St. Louis Cardinals for Gary Matthews Jr.  
6.  Mets trade Marquis Grissom to the Minnesota Twins for Eddie Guardado and the Twins #6 pick.