Continental Baseball League Rules



The Season

The following represents the normal order of events in the CBL;

1. Dues for following season due September 1

2. Previous year ends with a champion.

3. Trading Season begins November 1 (if dues are paid).

4. Trading ends. Rosters cut to 22, draft picks for the following season become available for trades. (January 15)

5. Trading resumes January 16 till 36 man roster due (March )

6. Draft list sent to managers (late January)

7. Annual draft is held. (mid February)

8. Trading ends, Free-agent draft, teams 36 man roster due (March).

9. Computer managers are due.

10. League file posted.

11. Play Ball.

12. A New League file will be posted prior to the start of each game block.

The regular season will include 162 games with 81 of these being played by each manager.  Teams play their “road” schedule.  Net/play is encouraged.



The Playoffs

1. The Division winners, plus the second place team with the best overall record, will meet in a seven game series for the right to play for the league title.  The Division winner with the best home record will host the wild card team unless the two teams are from the same division.  The Division winner with the second best home record will also host a series.  In case of a tie, best overall record, then head to head play and finally League Record will determine.  If still tied, a coin toss will decide.

If a manager can not net-play their games, they shall choose a substitute manager to play in their place.

2. All playoff series will follow a 2-3-2 format.

3. For the League Championship, the Division winner with the best regular season home record will be home first for the first 2 games.

4. The World Series will also follow this format with the American League champion being home first on even numbered years.







1. Managers will play their road games during the current block against the opposing teams computer manager or live via net-play.  Only Strat-O-Matic carded players are eligible for any game play.

2. Managers are only responsible for their road games in each block.

3. Trades made during the block will take affect after each block is completed.

4. Prior to the end of each block all games must be submitted.  If not submitted, the Commissioner will auto play missing games using each team’s computer manager.  The Rules Chairman will then assess any lateness penalties for the block.

5. Managers will select “New Scheduled Game” when preparing to play a game and must follow the dates in order.

6. A new Lzp. file with updated Computer managers (if any) will be sent prior to the start of each block.  Do not start a block without the new file.



The Schedule and Interleague Play

1. The schedule will be determined by the Statistician.

2. Each team will play 18 games against each division rival (9 home games and 9 road games), 12 games against other league teams (6 home games and 6 road games), and 12 games against teams from the opposite league (6 home games and 6 road games) to be determined by the chart listed in the Addendums 1.a. & 1.b


Game Play

1. Injuries and Weather effect will not be used in CBL games.

2. All other Super-Advanced Rules shall apply.




1. Starting pitchers will be confined to their actual number of starts and innings    pitched (plus 5%) and must rest 4 days before and after each start. (Strat       designated * starters may start on 3 days rest)

2. Relief pitchers will be confined to their actual innings pitched (plus 5%).       There is no limit on the number of games they may pitch.

3. Pitchers may pitch tired.

4. Pitchers must have relief ratings in order to enter a game in a relief role, unless all other pitchers are tired or otherwise ineligible.


Other Players

1. Position players are limited to their actual number of AB’s (plus 5%).

2. Position players must have played 25% or 25 of their games at a position to      start at that position in home games.  Each position is separate including all      outfield positions. Any Player may DH, which is used by both Leagues.







1. Prior to the start of the season teams will have 36 man rosters (38 for lottery   teams, 37 for other non-playoff teams)

2. Prior to the Annual Draft teams must cut down to 22 players (24 for lottery   teams and 23 for other non-playoff teams.

3. During the season, there is no minimum or maximum players that maybe on      any roster.

4. During each game block, all teams may have only 25 active players to play their games, both home and away.  The 25 active players may be changed with      each block, but the same 25 are used both home and away.

5. Rosters will expand to an unlimited number of players for the final 2 blocks.

6. Rosters must be submitted with the players listed in the following order; 1B,      2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, C, SP, RP, and alphabetically within those categories.



Claiming Franchise Players

The “claiming” of un-owned players is what makes the CBL unique, but is a           complicated process. You must do the following;

1. If you have or can acquire 9 players who were on a CBL roster and played    the previous season in Major League Baseball, with your franchise;

2. Then you may claim any un-owned player who finished the Major League           Baseball season with a contract with your franchise.

3. This includes rookies and veterans who were not on an active CBL roster.

4. The above named 9 players must be on your 22 man roster along with any           players you choose to claim. (along with your non-franchise players).

5. The total of the 9 franchise, claims and holdovers can not exceed the roster    cut down limits. (22-24)




1. No trades are to be made unless League dues are paid and both managers    are current with all their managerial duties. That means games played on time and other deadlines met.  Doing so will void the trade and will cause a forfeiture         of a first round draft pick.

2. Only “rostered” players and draft picks may be traded.  “Claimable” players are        not “rostered” players.

3. All trades are subject to President approval.  If the trade involves both    Leagues, then both Presidents must approve the trade.

4. The Commissioner, or his designate, may trade for un-owned teams.

5. In-season trading is approved for the CBL during the period between season start, and the designated end of play, at the end of Block #4.

6. Rosters are fixed with the start of each block, and may not be changed as a    result of activity related to in-season trading until the completion of that block.

7. In-season trades are conducted under same provisions as regular trades with           additional stipulation that each team is required to maintain adequate usage to           complete season.

8. Any changes to team rosters resulting from in-season trades, made between `          blocks, and must be reflected on team instructions. Updated instructions are the           responsibility of the affected managers and must be submitted by the end of           each block.




Annual and Free Agent Drafts

1. The Annual Draft will include free agents, rookies and players released after    the 22 man roster cut down.

2.  The first four positions of the draft are decided by lottery between the 2 worse           teams in each League as chosen by the Commissioner.  Picks 5-24 will be in           reverse order of final road record with ties being broken by the worse overall           record.

3. The Annual draft will take place in February, with the final date set in Jan.

A. The draft is comprised of 10 rounds.

B. The League will supply a list of eligible players prior to the draft.

C. Any player playing in one game, either an at bat, pinch running, fielding or portion of inning pitched, is available to be drafted, but only carded players will be available for game play.

D. Any manager discovering unlisted but eligible players may draft those players.

E. The draft will be held in a League sponsored draft room and have a chat available. Those managers unable to attend may set up their draft prior, or designate another manager to draft for them.  No one will call.

F. The Commissioner or his designate will draft for any team not represented.

4. Free agent drafting of the Strat-O-Matic rated carded players will be done as follows:

A. List of all eligible free agents sent to managers.

B. Date set for the free agent draft.

C. Draft order will be the same as the Annual Draft.

D  The Commissioner or his designate, will conduct the draft in the same manner as the Annual Draft with managers stating if they want to be included in the next round after each pick.

E. Free Agent draft picks may not be traded.  Free Agents may not be cut by the CBL team that drafted them.  Remember any free agent chosen must remain on the team’s roster.



Post Season Play

1. The Post Season schedule will be as follows;

See Addendum 2a.

2. Position players will be allowed 5% of their regular season usage per series.  Batters with more than 450 at bats will have unlimited playoff use.

3. Starters must experience the same rest as during the regular season and the schedule is continuous.  (see addendum 2a.)

4. For chart outlining Starting eligibility, see Addendum 2b.

5. All pitchers are allowed 10% of their regular season innings with a relief maximum of 9 innings per series.

6. 25 man rosters may change between Series.

7. Regular season rules regarding player position eligibility, apply to ROAD games during the playoffs.