Statement of Existence

The league shall be known as the Continental Baseball League and shall use Strat-O-Matic as the official game.  The League is unique in  Team Identity” and “rookie” claiming procedures.



The Commissioner

There will be a permanent office of the commissioner who shall have the following duties;

1. Appoint and/or dismiss all board members/officers.

2. Enforce this constitution, rules and addendums.

3. Approve all managers.

4. Keep the League informed with necessary information.

5. Initiate and impose penalties for the benefit of the League.

6. Act as the final rule on items and occurrences not covered herein.

7. Enact "Commissioner's Authority" to set a situation straight.



League Presidents

There will be a league president appointed to overseeing each league who shall have the following duties;

1. Insure that managers in their league do not fall behind schedule.

2. Initiate trade vetoes within their league.

3. Have a vote on “Council” decisions not concerning their team.



Ethics and Rules Chairman

The Commissioner shall appoint a chairman who will have the following duties;

1. Provide for the “proper” interpretation of the rules through “addendums”.

2. Impose penalties whenever player usage is abused.

3. Track and impose penalties for lateness.

4. Initiate any and all changes to this document.

A. Changes to the League Constitution will require an 70% majority

B. Changes to the Rules will require a simple majority.

C. All Changes will be in effect the season following confirmation.



League Statistician

The Commissioner may appoint a League Statistician who will have the following duties;

1. Manage the League Web Site

2. Collate League Statistics.



The League Council

The Commissioner, both league presidents, the Ethics and Rules Chairman and the League Statistician will comprise the League Council with the following duties;

1. Handle all appeals.

A. Trade Vetoes may be overturned by simple majority.

B. Assessed Penalties require unanimous decisions

2. The Commissioner shall only vote in the event of a tie.




The League Council shall be the sole body with the power to overturn Officer’s decisions.

1. An appeal over ANY act in the League may be made to the Council, through the proper league president.

2. The ruling of the Council is final.  There is no further appeal.



Manager Duties

Managers in the CBL shall have the following responsibilities;

1. Pay their yearly duties prior to making any team transactions

2. Play their games on time and in a fair manner.

3. Make all attempts to improve their team.

4. Accept all Council decisions.

5. Not disrupt the League.

6. Send in proper League files.

7. Send game results to opponents in the form requested.


Managers Rights

Current managers in the CBL shall have the following rights if they meet the above duties;

1. To retain the team they had the previous season.

2. To make trades of players and draft picks.

3. Appeal any Officer’s decision.

4. Appeal a trade veto.

5. Change to a different team (if available, given out by seniority).